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Mother Accused Of Leaving 5-Year-Old Boy and 5-Month-Old Baby In Hot Car While Drinking At Bar (Video)

A Pennsylvania mother has been charged with child endangerment and public drunkenness after leaving her two children in a hot car so that she could go to the bar for a few drinks.

Police received a phone call Sunday evening informing them that two children had been left inside of a car in a parking lot near Rumors Bar and Grill in New Sewickley Township, WPXI reported.

“When I walked up to the vehicle, I noticed that there was a young baby in a car seat and another child about 5 years old,” police Officer Greg Pullen said (video below). “The baby was sweating profusely; his hair was stuck to his forehead.

“The kids were awake at the time. I did knock on the window and talked to the 5-year-old and asked if he was OK. He gave me the thumbs up.”

Police were able to find the mother, Cielo Torrez. Torrez didn’t see what the problem was with leaving her children in the car and admitted to having two beers and a shot while at the bar, according to police.

Torrez was booked into jail. Her 5-year-old boy and 5-month-old baby have been placed in the custody of a family member.

Sources: WPXI, Trib Live

Photo Credit: WPXI


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