Mother Arrested After Her Abandoned Young Children Ask Police For Ride To School In Freezing Cold (Video)


Three children left alone in the freezing cold New Hampshire outdoors walked into a police station one morning and asked for a ride to school. Now, their 26-year-old mom is facing serious charges.

Katarina Short has officially lost custody of her children, aged 1, 4, and 5, and is facing three counts of child endangerment.

Surveillance video captured the children walking into the police station after attempting to make their own way to school early Tuesday morning. The children knew their mother wasn’t home, and the oldest child wanted to go to school, so he decided to take his siblings to the police station to ask for help when it got too cold out.

“The reason why he had left the house is after discovering their mother wasn’t there his greatest desire was to get to school,” Farmington Police Chief Kevin Willey said. “He was able to get their coats on. The one-year-old she had her boots on but unfortunately he had put them on the wrong feet.”

Short was arrested immediately after police tracked her down, and according to her claims, the children were supposed to be left in the care of a babysitter while she went to the store. After investigating her claims, however, police now say that a babysitter was never called.

According to reports, the children were taken to the hospital to be examined, and all are said to be healthy. The children are now in foster care while their mother is out on bail, awaiting her arraignment on March 18. 


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