2-Year-Old Home Alone Is Found On Roof (Video)

A Philadelphia woman has been arrested after her 2-year-old son had to be rescued from the roof of a three-story home.

Neighbors noticed something odd when walking through Leiper Street Monday afternoon: a 2-year-old baby sitting on the ledge of a roof.

“I seen the baby outside on the ledge, window up, all by himself in his diaper,” Jacob Durant told WTXF.

Durant yelled at the toddler to stay still until police and firefighters arrived. The entire incident was captured on video (video below).

Durant and other neighbors were able to keep the child’s attention while firefighters put up a ladder to rescue the child.

“The baby reached out for the ladder, we yelling again, don’t move, stay right there, policeman pulled him out, went through the apartment building and pulled him in,” Durant explained.

Police said the boy and another child had been left in the home unsupervised that Monday afternoon. The other child, a 1-year-old, was reportedly trying to get out of a window, Philly.com reported.

The 2-year-old’s mother, Cleaira Bell, 22, was inside her neighbor’s home at the time of the incident. Both Bell and the 1-year-old’s mother, whose name was not released because she is 17, were taken in for questioning while the children were sent to Saint Christopher’s Hospital.

“Where’s the parents? How could they do this?” Durant asked. “Baby’s at home left alone in his diaper.”

Both mothers were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and recklessly endangering another person.

Durant was just glad the officers and firefighters were able to help save the children.

“It ended well. Yes sir, this is a great thing,” Durant said.

Sources: WTXF, Philly.com

Photo Credit: Philly.com


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