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Mother Apparently Feeds Baby Wine On Camera (Video)

A new video (below) has emerged of a Loveland, Colorado, mom apparently giving wine to her 15-month-old son. The person who filmed 26-year-old Alexandra Bremkamp giving what appears to be wine to her son took the video to the police and reporters at KDVR, in the hopes the incident encourages the mother to get help.   

Bremkamp appears intoxicated as she gives her son sips of wine. “You like it huh … just a little bit,” she said. She then looked into the camera and addressed the person shooting the video, who wishes to remain anonymous. “You’re not (expletive) videotaping me are you? Really? That’s horrible. This is incriminating,” Bremkamp said. 

Later, Bremkamp laughed and gave the toddler more wine, saying “cheers” into the camera.

The person who took the video said the baby appeared intoxicated an hour later.  “He was very unstable, running — he would fall. He would go over to his toys and hang on so he could try to stay up.”

Patty Bremkamp, Alexandra’s mother, claimed that while the woman in the video is her daughter, the video was a misunderstanding. “…She’s got a terrific sense of humor and she’s acting silly. That’s not wine, that’s probably one of those sparkling things that I gave her."

Alexandra said in the video that the drink contained alcohol. “It’s OK. It’s just wine. People put (expletive) whiskey on their bottle’s gums every day and you think three sips of wine is going to do nothing.”

A spokesperson for the Loveland police said they’re now investigating the video and have notified child protective services.

Giving wine to babies is considered unsafe. Because children are so small, “alcohol travels through their blood stream much more quickly than it travels through an adults. Because of this fast-paced movement, it is absorbed more quickly, resulting in alcohol poisoning,” reports  Can I Give My Baby…?, a website dedicated to the dietary concerns of children.

A medical expert confirmed to KDVR that intoxication in children can cause irritability, confusion and seizures and that it takes just 2  ounces of wine to get a 28-pound child intoxicated. 

Sources: KDVR, Can I Give My Baby…? / Screenshot via KDVR


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