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3 Women Found Dead In Ohio Home

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An Ohio woman and her two adult daughters were found dead in their home after a family friend picked the lock when they did not answer the door.

Suzanne Taylor, 45; Taylor Pifer, 21; and Kylie Pifer, 18, were found dead in a bedroom of their Cleveland-area home on June 11, according to WOIO. Taylor was the mother of the Pifer girls, both of whom had been estranged from their biological father for at least a year.

Police were alerted to the scene after Kylie's boyfriend, Dale Kostar, arrived at the home to visit. When nobody answered the door, Kostar picked the lock and went inside, coming across the three bodies in one of the bedrooms. He said he called Taylor's boyfriend, Scott Plymale, who then called 911.

"[Kostar] said they didn't open the door, he picked the lock and went in and he said the bedroom door is closed and opened the bedroom door and he said there's a body in here," Plymale said.

Local police are unsure about potential motive or suspects. They found stab wounds in one of the victims but were not able to determine a likely cause of death for the other two women.

"A knife was used in one death. I cannot tell you on the others because there's not a visible sign of how death occurred," said North Royalton Det. Dave Loeding.

Police originally stated that one of the victims was shot to death but amended the information shortly thereafter, according to WEWS.

WOIO reported Taylor and Kylie Pifer were both college students in active pursuit of degrees. Taylor was a student at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, while Kylie attended Bowling Green University.

"Gosh, they were so good. They were great students ... Kylie was involved in theater, she was going to school to [become] a forensic scientist and Taylor was in fashion design," said stepmother Sonya Pifer.

Police have not named a suspect or person of interest, but have said they are questioning several people while they gather leads.

"Let police work take its course," advised Det. Loeding, according to WOIO. "I know people need answers. I'd like to give you answers. There's a lot of pathology and a lot of evidence that needs lab."

Kylie was due to celebrate her 19th birthday on June 11, according to WEWS. The women were found that same day; time of death was not immediately clear.

Sources: WOIO, WEWS / Photo credit: Brandon Blahnik/Flickr

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