'Mommy Did It': 2-Year-Old Burned With Hot Water And Bleach, Mother And Grandmother Arrested


A 2-year-old girl from Independence, Missouri, was reportedly burned with scalding water and bleach by her 25-year-old mother Katie Grimes and 51-year-old grandmother Karen Wynn – both of whom now face child abuse and neglect charges.

The little girl, whose name is Kaylynn, reportedly suffered second-degree burns on 12 percent of her body, including her face, and is being treated at Children’s Mercy hospital, reports Fox 4 News. She wasn’t brought to the hospital until Dec. 13 at around 9:30 p.m., over 24 hours after the horrific incident allegedly took place.

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When Grimes was questioned by police, her story was reportedly inconsistent. At first, police say she told them she had filled two small trashcans with hot water and industrial bleach while cleaning her apartment early in the day and placed them in the bathtub. She claims she left the room and heard screaming – then returned to find her toddler had poured the water on herself. She says she put ice and antibiotic ointment on her burns.

But later, Grimes reportedly told cops the child was burned at night – at around 9 p.m. When asked if she gets frustrated and whether she lets her frustration take hold of her at times, Grimes answered, “Yes.”

Grimes’ mother, Wynn, is also being held accountable because she reportedly failed to report the burns. When police arrived at the home, Wynn reportedly answered the door and told them her daughter had called her at 7:30 a.m. to tell her the little girl had burned herself by pouring hot bleach water on her body. When Wynn noticed the child’s face was injured so badly that her eyes were almost completely swollen shut, she says she suggested to Grimes that they take her to a hospital, but that the mother refused.

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Grimes had reportedly already been investigated by the Children’s Division, which influenced Wynn’s decision not to call 911.

When a child services investigator spoke with the young victim, she reportedly said, “Mommy is mean” and that the bathtub water “did it,” reports KCTV 5 News. She also reportedly told the caseworker the water was in a bucket in the tub and that “Mommy did it.”

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The children’s paternal grandfather reportedly alerted police to a potential problem after he and his wife reportedly were told they could not see the little girl that day after they stopped at the house to pick up their son’s children for a visit. Their two older grandchildren reportedly told them that their little sister had been burned with hot water and “screamed really loud” when Grimes changed her clothing.

Both Grimes and Wynn have pleaded not guilty. Grimes was given a $150,000 cash bond and Wynn is being held on a $100,000 bond.

Source: Fox 4 News, KCTV 5 News/Photo Credit: Fox 4 News 


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