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Mother And Father Adopt Neglected Girl, Don't Realize Her Identity Until Much Later (Video)

A couple adopted a neglected young girl after learning of her tragic background, despite warnings from caseworkers that there was "something wrong with her" (video below).

Bernie and Diane Lierow began considering adoption after their five sons grew up. The couple had enjoyed having children around, so they attended an adoption event, where their lives would forever change.

At the event, Diane spotted a black-and-white photo of a little girl tacked onto a bulletin board. She says she had a feeling while looking at the photo that the girl was meant to be her adopted daughter.

As Diane and Bernie learned more about the girl's upbringing and story, caseworkers encouraged them to explore other options, saying there was "something wrong with her," but the couple felt a connection to the girl.

The couple learned that the girl in the photo was named Danielle and that she had suffered years of child abuse.

At the age of seven, Danielle was found in a Florida home, living in squalor. According to Little Things, she had reportedly never left the house, was unable to talk, and couldn't eat solid food. She was considered to be a feral child.

"I've been in law enforcement for 27 years now, and this is by far, bar none, the worst case of child neglect I've ever come across in my career," said Detective Mark Holste, who found Danielle in the home.

Danielle's parents lost all parental rights after she was found, and Danielle was sent to a group home and put up for adoption.

According to a report on the Christian Broadcast Network, the Lierows decided to adopt Danielle after learning of her story and visiting her at school several times.

The parents say they knew raising Danielle would not be easy, but they were willing to take the risk.

Danielle now lives on a Tennessee farm with her adoptive parents, where she is learning to communicate (though non-verbally) and many other life skills.

"She's arrived at the place where she was meant to be," Diane said.

Watch the touching CBN report about the Lierow family below.

Sources: Little ThingsYouTube / Photo credit: CBN via YouTube

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