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Police Brutally Arrest Woman Who Reported A Crime

A video of another controversial police incident has gone viral.

This time the scene was Fort Worth, Texas, where a cell phone camera captured a white police officer aggressively arresting a black woman and her teenage daughter Dec. 22, reports The Guardian.

The mother, identified as Jacqueline Craig, was the one who summoned police to the scene, having called to report an assault on her 7-year-old son.

The video, which was posted on Facebook, shows her and her 19-year old daughter, Brea Hymond, being wrestled to the ground and arrested with a stun gun held against their backs. A 15-year-old daughter of Craig’s was also was arrested, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram said in a report, which was confirmed by the city’s police department.

In the video, Craig is seen telling the police officer that one of her neighbors had attempted to choke her son after he dropped a piece of paper on the ground, to which the officer replied: “Why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” while ignoring the alleged attacker, who stood nearby.

A heated exchange ensued between Craig and the officer, who warned her: “If you keep yelling at me, you’re gonna piss me off, and I’m gonna take you to jail.” When Brea attempted to break up the confrontation, she and her mother were arrested.

Attorney Lee Merritt, who is representing the defendants, said that the police never formally took Craig’s report of the alleged assault on her son.

The Fort Worth police department issued a statement Dec. 22, admitting that the video, which has been viewed almost 2 million times, makes the department look bad. “We acknowledge that the initial appearance of the video may raise serious questions,” the statement read. “We ask that our investigators are given the time and opportunity to thoroughly examine this incident and to submit their findings.”

At a news conference on the same day, attorney Merritt summarized the incident: “It’s not a situation where someone used a racial slur, but racism is still all over it. ... If a white mother had called police about their son being choked, I guarantee that the officer would not have bypassed the suspect and arrested the mother.”

About 100 protesters gathered at the old Tarrant County Courthouse on the night of Dec. 22.

Sources: The Guardian, Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Photo credit: Joyce Marshall/Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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