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Mother And Daughter Held Hostage By Their Cat, Call 911 (Video)

A mother and her adult daughter called 911 claiming they were being held hostage in their own California home by their “aggressive” cat, police say (video below).

The culprit was identified as “Cuppy.” She is a black-and-white feline who has been known to be unpredictable, according to the family, but never in their 14 years together had the cat turned on them like this, PIX11 reported.

“Female is calling on 911 advising that her cat is holding her and her adult daughter hostage in the bedroom, and it attacks them when they try to leave,” the emergency operator said over the radio.

Cuppy began her reign of terror at around 4 a.m. on Aug. 11. She reportedly clawed the women whenever they tried walking through the house, ripping one of their nightgowns. The women said they had no choice but to seek haven in the bedroom and call police.

“He’s just a ball of fury I guess,” neighbor Karen Yarger told KGTV.

Chula Vista police were able to save the women from their cat. They persuaded Cuppy to leave the house by softly whispering her name.

Cuppy was taken to a veterinarian the next day. It is unclear whether the owners will choose to euthanize Cuppy or not.

Sources: KGTV, PIX 11

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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