'It Was Horrible': Mother And Daughter Hospitalized, Arrested After House Fire

A 60-year-old mother and her 37-year-old daughter are being treated at a U.K. hospital after a house fire critically injured them, and the house fire happened just hours after a Ouija board allegedly predicted their deaths.

Reports say that Margaret Carroll and her daughter Katrina Livingstone were using the Ouija board to contact their dead dog when they discovered that the board predicted their deaths. Their dog had previously been killed by Carroll’s husband Paul, who is set to be sentenced later this month for dismembering the animal.

Neighbor Donna Sowerby told The Northern Echo that Carroll and Livingstone recalled their Ouija board experience to her not long before the house fire.

“The fire was right the way through the property. It was horrible. The roof was right up. We could not see up the street because of the smoke,” Sowerby said. “There was a mini explosion and one of the firefighters was blown back.”

The two women are reportedly both in critical condition at the hospital while still remaining under arrest on suspicion of arson. Their injuries are suspected to be unrelated to the fire.

“Two women, aged 60 and 37, were taken to the University Hospital of North Durham where they remain in a critical condition and under arrest for arson with intent to danger life,” a Durham Constabulary spokesperson said in a statement. “We are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.”

This was reportedly not the first time the women have experimented with the Ouija board. Carroll’s husband Paul says he drowned and dismembered their dog because supernatural spirits had already killed it during a Ouija board session.

Sources:The Daily Mirror, The Northern Echo, Metro UK / Photo Sources: The Daily Mirror, Metro UK


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