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Couple Raped, Killed And Chopped Up Teen Daughter (Photos)

Pennsylvania police say that a Quakertown couple carried out a rape and dismemberment of the woman's adopted daughter after plotting to do so for over a year. Sara Packer's boyfriend Jacob Sullivan confessed the two had committed the murder as part of a disturbed sexual fantasy. 

Mother Sara Packer collected the 14-year-old's Social Security payments for months after her demise, The Daily Beast reports.  

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On Jan. 8, Sullivan was charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of victim Grace Packer. Sara Packer was charged shortly thereafter with homicide and "related offenses," The Daily Mail reports. 

Sullivan raped Grace under observation by the latter's mother as part of a sexual rape-murder fantasy, reports. 

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The rape transpired on the morning of July 8 in the family's Quakertown rented home. "Following this, she was bound, gagged, and left to die in a cedar closet in [the] 3rd floor attic," a charging document released by police alleges. "Jacob Sullivan described the attic as extremely hot." 

Grace was still breathing when Sullivan checked in on her the following morning, though. He strangled her and packed her body in cat litter. According to the charging document, "it was more physical and took much longer than he expected."

On July 11, Sara reported her daughter missing to the police, describing her as a runaway who had stolen $300.  

Police stated Sara was uncooperative during the investigation by not returning the police station's calls or handing over photos of her adoptive daughter. 

"After they murdered her, they maintained the pretense of Grace being alive so that they could continue to profit off of her existence," Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub alleged on Jan. 8.

After a police visit to her home made Sara nervous, she purchased a bow saw and her boyfriend dismembered the teen's corpse, later disposing of the body parts in the woods.

On Halloween, hunters came across Grace's head and torso, prompting a successful police search for the rest of her body parts. Grace was identified by her dental records. 

Meanwhile, Sara's inconsistent statements and lack of cooperation led police to charge her with child endangerment and obstructing an investigation in November. She posted bail on Dec. 23. 

She and Sullivan agreed to enter a "suicide pact" on Dec. 30, which ultimately proved a failure. Sullivan confessed to police and described in detail the facts of Grace's rape-murder at the hospital following the suicide attempt. 

"This is one of the most shocking, stunning motives I've ever heard of in my career as a prosecutor,” Weintraub said. “It was a cold-blooded crime that was calculated and planned with deadly detail.”

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Daily Beast / Photo credit: Bucks County Courier Times, The Daily Mail 

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