Mother's Rude Comments To Flight Attendant Gets Her And Her 5-Month-Old Baby Kicked Off Flight


A mother and her 5-month-old son were reportedly thrown off a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Memphis on Wednesday after the mom reportedly insulted a flight attendant.

Nicki Gazlay says she complied when a flight attendant told her to remove her child from his Ergo Baby carrier, even though she first protested because she says she wasn’t asked to do so on her previous Frontier flight, reports the Daily Mail. Still, Gazlay says she followed the order, but not before she told the flight attendant, “Of course I am going to comply, I’m going to do whatever you say because you are the Queen of this airplane.”

And, with that, the flight attendant reportedly told her ,“You’re off,” and she and her infant were forced to remove themselves from the plane and rebook their flight on a different airline.

Several people have taken to social media to lambast the airline for its actions and for not being more clear about its baby carrier policy. Frontier insists it is investigating the incident and some witnesses have come forward to say that Gazlay wasn’t being cooperative, didn’t immediately remove her child from the carrier, and became argumentative with the flight attendant.

Airline officials say baby carriers are not approved for take-off or landing and that parents should buy an extra ticket for their children or bring a car seat on the flight, reports WMC Action News.

Sources: Daily Mail, WMC Action News

Photo Credit: Screenshot, Facebook via Daily Mail


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