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Mother Accused Of Tying Up Autistic Son

An unidentified 49-year-old mother from Greendale, Wisconsin, is facing charges for allegedly tying her autistic 12-year-old son to a bed at least twice.

The mother is being charged with felony child neglect (bodily harm) and misdemeanor child neglect, WITI reported.

Authorities were alerted when the autistic boy, who is non-verbal and suffers from a seizure disorder, was dropped off for respite care with “visible ligature bruising” on his ankle on July 18. The boy was examined by a nurse practitioner at the Child Protection Center at Children’s Hospital, who deemed them “highly concerning for abuse,” and “consistent with being forcibly restrained.”

On July 21, Greendale police started investigating the mother's possible maltreatment of the 12-year-old.

The mother reportedly offered a social worker a whole host of excuses, but detectives visited the family’s one-bedroom apartment and found bungee cords attached to the floor and a twin bed, according to a criminal complaint. The complaint also noted that there were urine stains on the twin mattress.

The mother was unable to keep her story straight when confronted with abuse allegations, according to WITI.

This isn’t the first time similar allegations have been levied against the mother. In 2012, when the boy was 8, police checked on the home after receiving reports that a child was tied up while sleeping on the bed. A neighbor’s friend told police that he’d seen the boy home alone “over 100 times before.”

A property manager said the boy no longer lives there.

Autism is relatively common, affecting one in 42 boys, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Sources: Center for Disease Control, WITI

Photo Credit: Becky Wetherington/Flickr,


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