Mother Accused Of Shooting And Killing 17-Year-Old Son


Dianne Michelle Davidoff, 42, is accused of shooting her 17-year-old son, Jacob Davidoff, in the back at their home in Gresham, Oregon, on the evening of Sept. 24, KPTV reported.

Dianne, who has been charged with murder, was reportedly dealing with financial and emotional difficulties recently, but it remains unclear what led up to the shooting. Responders were unable to revive Jacob, who was identified by his father, at the scene, Oregon Live reported.

Dianne, who has no criminal record besides a minor vehicle infraction from 2008, had recently lost her home due to foreclosure and the property was being auctioned off. Dianne and her husband, Ryan Davidoff, were also recently ordered to pay back dues to the neighborhood homeowners association after a debt collection agency cornered them in small claims court.

The couple had apparently experienced marital difficulties in 2003, but Dianne’s divorce request was dismissed 8 months later. Officer Malaka Kerbs, a Gresham Police Department spokeswoman, said Ryan was in the process of moving out at the time of the shooting. 

A third party was in the home at the time of the shooting, but police have not identified that person.

Sources: Oregon Live, KPTV / Photo credit: KPTV


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