Mother Accused of Leaving Baby in Dumpster Gets Bail

A mother suspected of leaving her “hours old” baby in a dumpster in a South Carolina town turned herself in shortly after the baby was rescued.

Shelby Harper Taylor, the 23-year-old mother, was indicted on an attempted murder charge over the incident, according to Horry County Grand Jury indictments.

Taylor was arrested after the Horry County police said they were searching for a woman in connection with the baby. Lt. Raul Denis said Taylor turned herself in that night after she recognized pictures of herself being shown by the media. Taylor was hospitalized shortly afterward, according to NBC News.

The baby was found at an apartment complex in the Myrtle Beach area hours after it was born. Austin Detray, 19, found the baby girl with his brother while taking out the trash, reported My Fox 8.

“After a few cries I knew it was a baby,” he said after the incident. “I got into the dumpster and starting looking around, moving bags, and that’s when I saw her.”

He said, “I got two or three bags down and saw the baby's face pressed against the bag.” He said the bag was tied shut. "I ripped it open and the umbilical cord was still there, the placenta, it was just born," he said. “It still had mucus in its system, and it was still puking up stuff.”

Detray told his brother, Raymond Price, to get help and carried the baby to safety. “There was blood everywhere… in the trash can and on the baby. I was scared for its life,” said Price.

“It’s extremely fortunate she was found. The baby was literally in trash bags in a dumpster. It’s a miracle she was able to breathe long enough to be found,” said Denis at the time, Myrtle Beach Online reported. “It was a blessing the kids were throwing away trash and cared enough to rescue her.”

Taylor was booked into J. Reuben Long Detention Center and released a few hours later on $10,000 bail. The baby was given to the South Carolina Department of Social Services, which will continue to look after the safety and well-being of the child and the family. Denis told NBC news the baby was “healthy.”

Sources: NBC News, My Fox 8, Myrtle Beach Online

Photo Source: Horry County Police via Myrtle Beach Online


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