Mother Charged In Drowning Deaths Of Twin Girls Smiles As Police Arrest Her


A Texas mother was reportedly smiling as police arrested her in connection with the drowning deaths of her twin girls in the bathtub.

Barbara Ramirez-Sifuentes, 21, had reportedly been cleaning and playing music in another room when her 15-month-old twin girls, Sabrina and Savanna Russo, slipped underwater in their “deep bathtub" last February.

When Ramirez-Sifuentes, who is known to some as Barbara Russo, found them, they were unresponsive.

After taking them to the hospital, one of the twins died that day while the other was taken off life support a few days later before passing away.

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Police arrested the 21-year-old woman on Mother's Day on two counts of manslaughter. However, the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the deaths as homicides.

Deputies in Houston were able to arrest Ramirez-Sifuentes after the license plate recognition system found her car. Dispatchers then followed her with cameras until law enforcement units were on the scene.

“She asked why there were so many police cars. She was kind of shocked she’d been stopped. She was not aware she had any warrants,” Sgt. Gomez of Harris County Precinct 8 told KHOU.

In a video captured at the scene, the arrest is made without incident. However, as Ramirez is being led away from her car, she appears to be smiling.

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Sgt. Gomez asserts that Ramirez-Sifuentes was not smiling during the incident.

“We don’t know where that info came from,” he said. “My guys and I never saw that. She whimpered a little bit.”

“They’re saying she was reckless by leaving the children in the bath,” Ramirez-Sifuentes’ attorney, Stan Schneider told ABC 13. Despite this claim, Schneider said that he believes Ramirez-Sifuentes was a good mother who loved her kids.

“She’s devastated,” he said to reporters at KHOU. “Just, it’s horrible for her. Her whole life’s upside down. She has limited contact with her son. And everything is topsy-turvy, your whole world is upside down."

Ramirez-Sifuentes' husband, John Russo, supports his wife, according to his lawyer, Romy Kaplan.

"She's a loving, and a wonderful mother to John and their children," Kaplan told ABC 13. "She's supportive in every way."

Ramirez-Sifuentes was released from the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office Detention Center on Monday on a $100,000 bond. Her lawyer said that she will not plead guilty to the charges.

Source: The Daily Mail, ABC, KHOU

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, ABC


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