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Mother Accidentally Shot By Teen Son In Target Parking Lot On Thanksgiving Night

An Indiana woman was accidentally shot by her 15-year-old son in a Target parking lot on Thanksgiving night.

According to the Evansville Courier & Press, Stacey Craven was shot in the back by her 15-year-old son while they were in their car outside of Target. The incident occurred around 9:40 p.m. November 26. Police say no charges are expected to filed in the case of the accidental shooting.

Investigators believe that the teen found the gun under a seat in the vehicle and thought that the safety was on. 

“The event is a reminder that all guns should be secured in a manner that prevents untrained individuals from accessing them,” a police spokesperson said in a news release. “It is also a reminder that all guns should be treated as though they are loaded, muzzles should be pointed in a safe direction, and you should not put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to shoot.”

Fox 8 reports that Craven was brought to the hospital after the accident and her injuries are non-life-threatening.

Sources: Evansville Courier & PressFOX 8 / Photo Credit: Evansville Courier & Press

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