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3 Days Later, Doctors Finally Remove Living Thing Out Of Man’s Ear (Photos)

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Rob Fielding, 43, of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England, lived out the worst nightmare of some. For three days, his ear canal was the home of a still-living moth.

The father of three was reading in his bed when a moth landed on his glasses. He attempted to shoe it away, but in the process, accidentally lodged it firmly in his ear canal, The New York Post reports.

The tiny animal, which was still alive following the incident, buzzed and flapped inside the man's head for three days.

 “When I felt it move, it made me jump out of my skin,” Fielding said. “It was awful knowing the moth was flying around inside my head.”

Finally, after the man could stand it no longer, he made an appointment with his doctor to see what could be done about the rather ridiculous problem from which he was suffering.

 “The nurses were all very shocked when I told them what had happened,” he said. “One of them used a light to look into my ear and all they could see was a leg wiggling around.”

The procedure was a success, though it took an incredible 90 minutes to execute.

Describing the procedure, Fielding stated, “After shoving a funnel in, they managed to widen the passage and get the moth out with a tiny pair of forceps." He elaborated, “It felt like I’d just come off a plane and my ears popped.”

The moth was killed during the removal, though it will not be forgotten. Fielding has salvaged the creature's body and keeps it in a jar as a token of remembrance and a conversation starter.

 “Luckily, the kids find it absolutely hilarious and are obsessed with showing everyone our new pet,” laughed Fielding.

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Source: The New York Post


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