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Poll: Most Who Oppose Trump Like Nothing About Him

Poll: Most Who Oppose Trump Like Nothing About Him Promo Image

A poll has found that most people who disapprove of Donald Trump's presidency do not like anything about the current occupant of the White House.

Pew Research's survey, carried out among 1,893 people from Aug. 8 to 21, revealed that 58 percent of those who said they disapprove of Trump's presidency like nothing about him, mentioned things they didn't like instead, or said they like that his term in office has been ineffective.

"What I like most about how Trump is handling his job as president is how he's too incompetent and reactive to successfully implement his destructive agenda," one woman who took the survey stated, according to CNN.

A further 23 percent of respondents did not provide an answer when asked what they liked about Trump.

The findings follow a Monmouth University poll which found that six in 10 of those who disapprove of Trump could not think of anything the president could do to change their opinion.

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"Honestly I cannot think of a single thing I like about this President, try as I might," said another respondent.

"I really can't think of much, aside from hopefully galvanizing support and unity in opposition to him and his policies," said another participant.

Only 7 percent of those opposed to Trump mentioned something about his personality they like; another 7 percent mentioned one of his policies.

"He handled the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal the way [he] should have. That's about it," offered one respondent.

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Backing for Trump among his supporters remains strong, but reports have pointed to a slight decline. According to the Los Angeles Times, the percentage of Republicans approving of Trump's presidency has dropped from the high 80s to the high 70s since he took office.

Although that is still a majority of Republicans, the Times pointed out that previous presidents, including Barack Obama and George W. Bush, enjoyed the backing of around 90 percent of their own party for most of their time in office.

"He has got to be his own worst enemy," Trump voter Tony Sciullo said of the president, according to the Times.

"He's such an incredibly flawed individual who has articulated so many of the values that I hold dear," he added.

The Pew survey also found that 20 percent of self-identifying Republicans are unhappy with the way Trump is conducting himself as president, while 50 percent said they had mixed feelings.

Brian Rush, a registered Republican, summed up the feelings of the latter group.

"I'm still going to hold off judgment," Rush stated. "I'm hoping things can turn around."

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