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Poll: Trump Voters Do Not Believe He Has Changed

New polling indicates that the majority of voters who had cast their ballots for President Donald Trump believe that he has not diverted from his campaign promises since assuming office. 

Findings from the new HuffPost/YouGov survey, released April 29, showed that 63 percent of self-identified Trump voters believe that his current slate of policies are not very different or not at all different from those he proposed on the campaign trail. Meanwhile, 30 percent of Trump voters felt his policies since assuming office have been somewhat different, while only 4 percent said that they had changed significantly, The Huffington Post reports.

Only 11 percent of Trump voters believed that their chosen candidate's positions had changed for the worse since he entered the White House, while 14 percent said that they had actually changed for the better. The remaining 63 percent did not perceive any noticeable change in the president's positions.

While polling averages indicate that the majority of Americans disapprove of Trump's job performance, surveys have found that the majority of his supporters are happy with how he has fared so far.

Aggregating the last 10 national surveys released between April 18 and May 1, Real Clear Politics found that 43 percent on average approve of the president's job performance, while an average of 52 percent disapprove.

Despite his favorability declining with a majority of the country, Trump has maintained solid support among his base. On April 27, findings from a survey conducted by the University of Virginia Center of Politics revealed that 93 percent of self-identified Trump voters approved of his job performance, while only 7 percent were dissatisfied.

"Trump voters are extraordinarily loyal and supportive of the guy they voted for last November," GOP pollster Glen Bolger told Politico. "All the controversy, all the stuff you read in the media about how it's chaotic, how they don't have their act together -- they don't see it."

On April 28, findings from a poll conducted by Priorities USA Action suggested that a majority of Trump voters were pleased with his first three months in office, even though a growing number were growing concerned that he was not keeping his promises.

While 67 percent of self-identified Trump voters said that the president had been meeting their expectations, 43 percent said that he was not fulfilling crucial campaign pledges, USA Today reports.

That overlap indicates that, while a margin of Trump voters believe that he has strayed from the vision he had laid out on the campaign trail, they remain satisfied with his job performance.

Sources: Huffington Post, PoliticoReal Clear Politics, USA Today / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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