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Media Coverage Of Trump Divides Voters

A Gallup poll found significant differences in how Republicans and Democrats feel about the media's coverage of President Donald Trump.

Of those polled in the survey, 64 percent of Republicans stated they thought the media was being too tough on Trump, while 59 percent of Democrats thought it wasn’t being tough enough.

The difference was just as clear when looked at from another angle, with only 9 percent of Republicans saying the media was not being tough enough on Trump and 9 percent of Democrats stating it was being too tough. The survey was taken between March 9 and 29.

Overall, a higher percentage of Americans thought the media was not being tough enough on the president. When this question was asked between Jan. 30 and 31, 28 percent responded that press coverage was too soft, but March’s poll saw this figure rise to 37 percent.

Those who felt the media was being too critical dropped from 36 to 32 percent, while the share of respondents who thought coverage of Trump was about right also declined in size from 31 to 24 percent.

In addition, the poll asked whether people would side with the president or the press in the current dispute. A larger percentage of respondents (37 percent) said they would back the media than those who said they would line up with Trump (33 percent). Less than half of all respondents felt strongly about the side they had chosen, meaning that in total 17 percent felt strongly about siding with the media and 13 percent had a strong loyalty to Trump.

Trump has frequently criticized the media, alleging leading news organizations are guilty of producing "fake news."

At a business forum April 4, Trump said he was receiving "unbelievable credit" for his achievements since entering the White House. But the president added that little praise was coming from "the mainstream media, which gives us no credit whatsoever," the Los Angeles Times reported.

Another poll by the Pew Research Center indicates Americans are growing unhappy with the feud between Trump and the media. That poll found 83 percent think the relationship between the two is unhealthy, while 73 percent feel the conflict is preventing voters from accessing important political information.

Majorities of Democrats and Republicans felt the same way according to the survey, which Pew conducted between March 13 and 27. Among Democrats, 88 percent considered the Trump-media relationship to be unhealthy, compared to 78 percent of Republicans.

Sources: Gallup, Los Angeles Times, Pew Research Center / Photo credit: Tennessee National Guard Public Affairs Office/Wikimedia Commons

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