Most Phone Calls To Lesbian Helpline Are Men Looking For Lesbians


India's first helpline for lesbians was created by the Indian Community Welfare Organization.

The helpline was started because same-sex attraction is largely taboo in a country where male-female marriages are often arranged.

The helpline is manned by lesbian volunteers, but most of the callers have been men asking for phone numbers of lesbians, noted the Daily Mail.

"Some men call up and say they have a sister or wife or a relative who is attracted to women," Aksam, a helpline volunteer, told the Times of India. "Finally, they ask for contact numbers of lesbians. When we ask them to pass the phone to the woman, they refuse. A few men ask questions like how women are attracted to other women and how it is to be in a relationship."

"There have been calls where women reveal suicidal thoughts because they were forced into marriage," added another volunteer, Uma Priyadarshini. "College students too call us saying they are feeling too possessive about their girlfriends and would want to know if it is normal. Many women don't like to reveal their identity. Of course, many calls are from men, who ask if they can join us in manning the helpline."

Sources: Daily Mail, Times of India
Image Credit: AnonMoos


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