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'Most Jealous Woman' In Britain Seeks Government-Funded Weight Loss Surgery

The woman who has been hailed the “most jealous woman in Britain” says she wants to have government-funded weight loss surgery to increase her confidence and ultimately help her trust her husband more.

Back in November, Opposing Views told you about 43-year-old Debbi Wood, the Leicester woman who makes her partner Steve Wood take a lie detector test each day to prove that he’s been faithful. In addition to the lie detector test, Wood reportedly checks her husband’s phone, email, and bank statements constantly and won’t even let him look at pictures of other women in magazines.

Wood’s paranoia is reportedly due to her struggle with the delusional disorder Othello syndrome. Despite her diagnosis, the 43-year-old says she’s now looking to have gastric band surgery in an attempt to feel better about herself and ultimately become less jealous.

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“When you have got a good man you're not going to let him go,” Wood said, according to The Daily Mirror. “I don't want Steve to have an intimate fantasy about other women. I think losing some weight will help boost my confidence, and as a bi-product reduce my levels of jealousy. I have a small frame. It's carrying an extra 10 to 11 stone as opposed to what it should do. I feel like my bones are crushing on the inside. Mentally it’s going to give me a bit more confidence in myself.”

Wood is hoping that the NHS will fully cover the surgery, and if it is, she will go through with it in the hopes of improving her relationship.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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