More Women Voted For Sanders Than Clinton In New Hampshire


Although Hillary Clinton has often campaigned on the notion that her presidency would be historical since she would be the first woman in the Oval Office, female voters don’t seem to think that’s enough.

During the Democratic New Hampshire primary on Feb. 9, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont won 60 percent of the votes overall, compared to Hillary Clinton’s 39 percent, CNN reported. The landslide victory is remarkable on its own, but Sanders was a big winner among women.

Overall, Sanders won with women by 11 points, Gawker reported. Women under the age of 45 led the crusade for the Sanders campaign -- nearly 70 percent of voters in that demographic voted for him, The Huffington Post reported. 

The trend isn’t limited to New Hampshire. According to a poll from USA Today, Sanders has a 19-point lead among women under the age of 34. Sanders has proven extremely popular with millennial voters. "It’s a very important thing to be part of a movement that could pass that on to younger generations,” said 17-year-old Lillian Moravek, an Iowan volunteering on the Sanders campaign.  “The second most important thing is, he’s a feminist, and so am I.”

The New Hampshire primary came after noted feminist thinker Gloria Steinem slammed women for supporting Sanders. “Women are more for [Hillary Clinton] than men are ... First of all, women get more radical as we get older, because we experience ... Not to over-generalize, but ... Men tend to get more conservative because they gain power as they age, women get more radical because they lose power as they age,” she said in an interview on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," Jezebel reported.

“And, when you’re young, you’re thinking, where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie…”

Women aren’t opposed to a female president, but many seem to resent the idea they should vote for Clinton on the basis of gender, preferring instead to value candidates’ policies. “I would love to have a woman president, but I’d like the right woman president,” said Taryn Hogarth, University of South Dakota student. 

“I want this to be based on the ideas and what they’re going to do for our country.”

Sources: CNN, The Huffington Post, Jezebel, USA Today / Photo credit: Phil Roeder/Flickr

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