More to Las Vegas than Gambling: Shoot an AK-47 at The Gun Store

So you're in Las Vegas. The casinos took most of your money. It's 110 degrees outside. What to do? How about shooting an AK-47?

Fox News reports on a unique shooting range called The Gun Store at which you can take out your frustrations on losing your money by firing off anything you want, from a simple handgun to a semi-automatic to an AK-47 assault rifle.

The business does very well with gun-loving Americans, but it is also big with international tourists who come from places where guns are difficult to own and use.

"It's a different kind of facility," said Emily Miller, marketing and advertising director for The Gun Store. "We are opening our doors to people who haven't shot before, and with language barriers. We'll welcome you from any country no matter what language you speak. We'll work with you."

Miller said thousands of international tourists pick up weapons every month.

"It was the first time having a gun in my hand," said Arif Ayeogen, who was visiting from Germany. "I was a little bit nervous, but it was a great feeling."

"It was empowering," said New Zealander Mark Coker, who chose an automatic weapon. "You can't do that at home unless you got special licenses, which aren't easy to get."

Options include the popular "Zombie Package" -- $149 gets you a pistol with which you can shoot at Zombie posters. If you lost too much money at the tables, $60 will get your 40 shots with an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, a "massive" killing machine according to Fox.


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