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More Problems for Nissan Leaf?

According to multiple reports, the Nissan Leaf has suffered a few more unfortunate setbacks. Apparently, the all-electric cars which Nissan has been pushing in the press as part of their dedication to a greener initiative are now suffering from starting issues -- or so say many of the car's drivers who have been having problems.

Reportedly, the Japanese carmaker has gotten a ton of complaints from Leaf owners who have repeatedly tried, and failed to be able to start their verhicles.

The good news, however, is that the problem does not appear to be impacting the safety of the people in the car. Further, it seems to be something deemed “fixable” by the manufacturers, so future versions of the model should be fixed – at least as it applies to this particular glitch.

According to Reuters, a spokesman informed them that the glitch in question affecting the cars has been traced back to a specific component of programming.

"When we know the exact cause, we will decide whether to issue a service bulletin or take other steps," he said.

This latest damper on the company’s go-to electric car comes on the heels of Nissan signing a deal to promote zero-emission vehicles among humanitarian fleets in the aid and development sector. The memorandum which they signed on the matter noted that they would lend five Leafs for free to Fleet Forum, an association which attempts to boost the efficiency of humanitarian fleets.


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