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Ronni Chasen Murdered by 'Expert Marksman'

A retired investigator who has seen the autopsy report on murdered Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen said whoever killed her was an expert marksman -- another piece of evidence that points to a professional hit.

Los Angeles TV station KTTV says it obtained the preliminary autopsy report and showed it to Gil Carrillo, a retired 38-year veteran with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The report said Chasen was shot five times in the chest -- a tight bullet cluster that only could have been done by a professional, said Carrillo. He told ABC News, "Normally they turn the gun sideways and this is something that was done with some skill. I carried a gun for 38 years and had to fire it quarterly. I don't think I could shoot and hit that mass like that."

Coroner's spokesman Ed Winter would not confirm the authenticity of the report but Carrillo says he is certain it is genuine.

The report said:

There were three apparent gunshot wounds to the right side breast/chest area. There were two apparent gunshot wounds to the right shoulder.

There was an apparent gunshot wound to the right upper back and the left upper back.

One bullet was recovered from her back while at the hospital and is possibly a 9mm hollow point.

Chasen was killed on November 16th as she drove home through Beverly Hills after attending the premiere of the movie "Burlesque."

So far police have no motive, but they have ruled out a failed carjacking, road rage, or a random sniper.


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