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More Bad News for Sealers

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When are Canadian sealers going to catch a break? Never, it seems, as long as they continue to hook baby seals in the eye or mouth, drag them across the ice, and bludgeon them to death.

Taiwan's forestry bureau is considering banning seal products, just as the U.S. and the European Union have done. Forestry officials say that the country's consumers have stopped buying seal products in the wake of a news conference last year that showed how seals are killed. Are you listening, Canada? People aren't cool with baby-seal beatings. Taiwanese officials say that Canada is concerned about the impact that the potential ban might have on the rest of Asia.

Yep, they should worry, all right. Chinese citizens said in January that they don't want the seal meat that Canada is trying to sell them either. Come on, Canada. Everyone else on the planet can't be wrong.

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Written by Michelle Sherrow


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