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Here's Why You Might Find A Coin In Your MacBook

You might not have ever opened up your MacBook to look at its inner workings, but if you do, there is a good chance that you might find something you are not expecting in your drive (video below).

On Jan. 2, an Apple customer posted a series of photos on Imgur of a coin neatly situated inside of their drive, and they said that they could not for the life of them figure out how it could have ended up in the enclosed and sealed space.

As it turns out, Mac users have been spotting coins inside of their laptops for years. But Apple has never come out and officially commented about this or told us what is going on with our computers, leading people to come up with wild speculations.

A Reddit user posted a photo of a similar phenomenon on their own computer, where a copper penny was sitting in the same spot.

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They called up AppleCare, they said, and the worker had no idea what it was beyond a lucky penny.

Outside of a widespread Apple conspiracy, the two most popular theories are that the coins have simply slipped in by accident or that the manufacturers put them on purpose.

"It got in the way DVDs do," one Reddit user commented on the original post. "And trust me on this, a penny is about the most common thing to slip its way in there. Other frequent ones are paper clips, bobby pins, business cards."

The Reddit user pointed out that the coin is positioned right at what would be the bottom of the drive during normal use, suggesting that gravity played a role.

"I would agree with you except that a: the plastic is sealed on all four edges to the superdrive with a pretty strong adhesive," the orignal poster responded, adding to the mystery. "b: There aren't any penny-sized holes or slits anywhere to get a penny in there c: No way to get into the actually body/case of the laptop through any penny-sized slots/holes in the body."

Others say that manufacturers frequently add a penny or quarter to fill additional space and keep the drive from vibrating, although people question why U.S. currency is used when the devices are made overseas.

Another theory, quipped by a Reddit user: "Somewhere there is a magician wondering what went wrong with that last trick."

Sources: Imgur, Reddit, Greg Kilpatrick/YouTube / Photo credit: Imgur

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