More Alternatives to Animal-Derived Products


Happy New Year to everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed and survived the holiday celebrations.

I do not usually comment on the use of animal-derived products. As I have said, sometime animal-derived products perform the function they are used for and sometimes there are problems. Regardless, my issue is first and foremost the use of animals as predictive models for human response to disease and drugs so I do not have an extensive working knowledge of what specific products have animal-derived ingredients and which do not. That having been said, a report from Drug Discovery & Development titled Animal-free Media highlights a company named Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC that has developed three animal free products for serum replacement, cryopreservation and clinical pathology media.

According to Animal-free Media:

“The quality and consistency of Cell-Ess, Cryo-Ess, and Clin-Ess gives scientists the confidence to conduct their research without testing each new serum lot purchased, resulting in improved laboratory efficiency and valuable cost savings,” said Allan Weber, chief executive officer of Essential Pharmaceuticals. “Moreover, we believe that the characteristics of these media products offer important clinical benefits, making Cell-Ess the ideal choice for use in the cutting edge areas of stem cell, cancer and vaccine research, and Clin-Ess in the preservation of limbs and organs for surgical applications.”

The Cell-Ess, Cryo-Ess and Clin-Ess family offers researchers the advantage of superior performance compared to fetal bovine serum. They are free of all animal components and dimethyl sulfoxide (DSMO), do not crystallize or form ice during the thawing process, resulting in less DNA and RNA degradation and fewer artifacts than those preserved using conventional methods. Further, they have demonstrated synthetic reproducibility with no lot-to-lot variability.

It appears that these products will fill a niche and be an improvement on previous animal-derived products. 


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