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Advertisers Abandon Glenn Beck; Show Runs Ad Free in UK

Glenn Beck in no stranger to trouble, what with the incendiary comments he makes on an almost nightly basis on his Fox News TV show. But now the trouble he's been having with his advertisers is spreading across the ocean -- his show in the United Kingdom is running without ads.

Beck started having problems last year after calling President Obama a racist. A group called started a campaign to get companies to stop advertising on the show. It has been very successful, saying 13 more companies have just been added to the list, bringing the total to 116. The show fills time with ads from direct marketers (gold coins, exercise equipment) and Fox promos.

But things are even worse in the UK. A group called says for the past six nights, his show has aired without any ads, relying on news and weather updates from Fox owner Rupert Murdoch's Sky News to fill out the show.

According to a news release from

Glenn Beck’s show in the UK used to run commercials. The shows that come on before and after Glenn Beck still run commercials... Perhaps they’re having trouble finding sponsors willing to subsidize Glenn Beck’s misinformation, vitriol, sexism and race-baiting?

James Rucker, Executive Director of said in a news release:

“This is a huge blow against Glenn Beck. As we continue our fight against those that support Beck domestically, we will use this victory as further proof that more and more companies are taking a stand against his racial demagoguery.”

Fox has not commented on these latest developments, but in the past it has stood by Beck.


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