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Leggings Get 30 Girls Sent Home From Tennessee High School

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More than 30 students in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, were removed from class for wearing leggings.

Ashton Cable, an 18-year-old student at Mt. Juliet High School, said she arrived to school on Oct. 29 to find dozens of girls being reprimanded for wearing leggings, WKRN reports.

“They said ‘either sit in the cafeteria,' I guess it was ISS [In School Suspension], or ‘you can go home and change',” Cable told the news station.

Wearing leggings without a dress, skirt or shorts on top, according to the school, breaks the dress code and is considered to be “distracting” to male students.

After the students’ dismissal, many began protesting the actions of the school — taking to Twitter to express their anger with the hashtag “#freetheleggings.”

“This is stupid,” one student tweeted, according to the Daily Mail. “The faculty at MJ cares more about girls wearing leggings than our education #freetheleggings.”

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Even parents were outraged by the school’s policy, with one mom demanding a change in policy.

“These 2 girls missed almost 2 periods today for dress code," she wrote on Twitter. "The left one is mine. The policy needs to change." 

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Wilson County Schools spokesperson Amelia Hipps responded to the outrage over the dress code.

“It was just a matter of, there were several, roughly 40 female students that didn’t follow the dress code and it caught the attention of a female teacher and so at that point they have to take action,” Hipps told WKRN.

Do you think the school went too far, or were these actions necessary?

Sources: Daily Mail, WKRN / Photo credit: WKRN, Kim Easton/Twitter


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