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More Than $100,000 Raised For Medical Bills Of Girl Who Was Kicked Out Of KFC

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More than $110,000 has now been raised for the medical bills of a young girl who suffered severe facial injuries after being attacked by a group of pit bulls. 

The girl, 3-year-old Victoria Wilcher, was allegedly asked to leave a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi, last week because of her facial injuries. KFC Corp. responded by launching an investigation into the employee responsible for the incident as well as by donating $30,000 towards the girl’s medical bills. 

Support for Wilcher grew after her story was publicized in the media, and the Facebook page created to document her medical progress — called “Victoria’s Victories” — has more than 140,000 likes. Wilcher’s family also created a GoFundMe profile with the same name, which has allowed them to raise over $100,000. The fundraising goal on that page has been set at $200,000. 

Wilcher needs help paying for multiple surgeries in order to help her recover from the attack, which left her jaw, nose, cheek bones and right eye socket broken. Her right eye is also missing as a result of the attack. 

The confrontation with KFC began when Wilcher’s grandmother, Kelly Mullins, took her to a local franchise in order to purchase mashed potatoes and gravy, one of the few foods Wilcher was able to digest. Wilcher was still on a feeding tube at the time. 

An employee allegedly approached Mullins and asked her to leave the KFC because other patrons were frightened by Wilcher’s facial injuries. Mullins has since been vocal about her disdain towards the employee’s discrimination. 

Although the investigation into the incident is still ongoing, the money Wilcher’s family has been able to raise as a result of publicizing her story is certain to help with the costly medical bills they will be forced to pay as the girl continues to recover from the attack.  


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