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Morbidly Obese Man Lifted Out of His Trash-Filled Home By a Crane

A morbidly obese man living in squalor reportedly had to be lifted out of his home by a crane in order to seek medical care. The unnamed 65-year-old man who lives in Nurtigen, Germany, was suffering from serious breathing difficulties. A neighbor called for help after hearing an SOS tapped on her ceiling.

The man, who reportedly weighs 350 lbs., was too large to leave his home through the door. Firefighters apparently had to extract him wearing biohazard suits and respirators after they discovered his living conditions were “absolute hell.”

Firefighters reportedly had to smash the door open because trash completely blocked their entry. “It was knee deep in rubbish,” one firefighter said. “From rotting pizza boxes to old food and tins....and vermin rustling about…The smell was indescribable.” 

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(via Daily Mail)

Neighbors didn’t know about the man’s living conditions. He told firefighters he hasn’t been able to wash or dress himself for the last five years and he’s been surviving on food delivered to his home. A neighbor told a German newspaper, “We had no idea what kind of state his apartment was in, but we got a whiff of it after firemen opened the front door.” The community was initially alarmed by the presence of the firefighters in their biohazard suits and feared they had been targeted in a chemical attack.

The man was lifted into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. While there’s no word on his condition, firefighters at the scene were left to decontaminate their gear afterwards. The biohazard suits and all of the gear used to hoist the man out of the mess were promptly hosed off.

According to at least one report, about 14.7% germans are obese, compared to 34.9% of Americans. Germany is considered one of the most overweight countries in Europe.

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Image via Daily Mail, WikiCommons


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