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Morbidly Obese Jogger Finds Unexpected Note From Stranger (Photos)

A nearly 300-pound jogger who runs through his neighborhood each day received an inspirational note from a stranger who encouraged him to reach his weight-loss goals.

Jonathan Bellshaw, 32, initially weighed over 400 pounds when he decided to lose weight following a health scare. He dropped 100 pounds in the first 16 months of his training and has since dropped another 30 pounds.

In March, the former fast food addict and nightclub bouncer successfully ran the Lincoln 10K for Leukemia and Lymphoma Research.

Last Thursday, Bellshaw received a rewarding note from a stranger encouraging him to continue his weight loss journey.

“To the guy with the ‘Run for Blood Cancer’ T-shirt, every morning I drive past you and your lovely little dogs at 6:15am on my way to work,” the note read, “and I just wanted to let you know that I think you are awesome.”

The writer added that she had a new job and would no longer see Bellshaw in the morning. However, she encouraged him to “keep running” and noted that he looked great.

“I did cry when I opened the note because it really is a nice thing to do,” Bellshaw said.

Determined to thank the note writer, Bellshaw took to Facebook. A few hours -- and 1,500 shares -- later, he tracked down the writer: Lucy.

"When I contacted her, she told me she was trying to lose weight after having a baby," Bellshaw said. "Her message really spurred me on."

Bellshaw began to lose weight in 2013 after a routine checkup revealed that his heart and lungs were under pressure. He decided to take action and was referred to Weight Watchers.

The 32-year-old explained that he had always been a large man and that he often indulged in late-night cravings during his studies at Staffordshire University in the U.K.

In September, Bellshaw took up running to continue losing weight. He decided to run the Lincoln 10K following the death of a colleague who lost a six-year cancer battle.

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