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Moose Leads Police to Marijuana Growing Operation

It's not everyday that you hear of police chasing down a moose. It's also not everyday that the moose leads the police to a drug bust.

The moose was first spotted at the Vintage Inspired Marketplace in Burlington, Vt. Antique dealer Mary Heinrich Aloi said she couldn't believe how big it was as it sauntered through her parking lot on Saturday.

When the moose left the parking lot, he went onto the street. Police and the wildlife department began tracking him, trying to guide him away from people and traffic. 

Then, the moose led them to a shed on Harrison Avenue where the smell of growing marijuana plants emanated from the windows.

"The moose has a good nose, I guess," Heinrich Aloi said. 

After police obtained a search warrant for the unit, they discovered that there were 32 marijuana plants in various stages of growth and some processed marijuana. 

They arrested 29-year-old Joshua Brunelle.

"Moose do crazy things," Col. Dave LeCours, chief warden for the Vt. Fish and Wildlife Dept., said.

He said moose are most active in the months of May and June. He also noted that young moose who are just leaving their mothers for the first time may be roaming during those months, confused and lost. 

"Just leave them alone, don't try to get too close, don't try to harass them," LeCours said. "For the most part, they're already stressed out, they're trying to find their way out."

LeCours urged drivers to watch for moose on roadways for the next couple months, noting that they can be extremely dark-colored and difficult to see at night. 

They successfully guided the drug-busting moose into the woods where they hope he has stayed.

Sources: NECN, Inquisitr


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