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Moon Landing

I would like to express my doubt about the moon landing of 40 years ago .

I have a hard time to believe that men went to the moon 8 times in 2 years and they even could afford a manned dry run .All this with 1960 technology .All they manage to send past 1972 are probes to study the moon like trying to find water on the moon.

After 1492 and the discovery of America ,France ,Britain,Portugal and other countries also tried to reach the new continent and claim some part of it.

So why no other countries tried to send a manned moon mission that you could achieve with 1960 technology is mind boggling.

Lets face it,a moon base 1000 time farther than the space station would have been the logic in a world with 2000 technology if you believe that 1960 technology was so developed that going to the moon was a piece of cake and moon rovers would work without solar panel .But they lost the plan of the moon vehicle.


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