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Did Montgomery Police Use Too Much Force On This Woman?

An Ohio woman is planning to take legal action against Montgomery County Jail police after she was knocked unconscious in scuffle with officers who were trying to book her for operating a vehicle while impaired.

Emily Evans was arrested in late March for operating a vehicle impaired, but she reportedly did not cooperate during the arrest and the booking process, according to 2 NEWS. At the time, her blood alcohol level was about double the legal limit.

Evans claims that police used excessive force while trying to restrain her, though police say that the force used was appropriate. Officers handcuffed her because she was both verbally and physically aggressive.

“Emily was knocked out. She was completely unconscious, unresponsive, bleeding from the nose,” said Mike Bly, Evans' attorney. “When you don’t obey the law you pay the consequences. Those consequences don’t include being subjected to unreasonable excessive force, and that’s exactly what happened to Emily.”

In addition to knocking her to the ground, Evans claims that a different officer used a taser on her.

Because she was to the floor, Evans sustained facial fractures and bleeding from her brain. Police called emergency services, who took her to the hospital after the incident.

Though records of witness reports by officers say that Evans injured herself by throwing herself off a wall, police officials commented that they are not denying force was used.

“We by no means are questioning whether there was force used. There was obviously forced used,” said Chief Deputy Rob Streck.

“There are no definitive lines for excessive force,” he added. “We have the right to keep you in there, we have the right to keep order in that jail but we don’t have the right to cause unnecessary pain and suffering to an individual.”

The officer’s behavior was not determined to be improper. 

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