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Montana’s Medical Marijuana Law in Danger of Repeal

In a surprising turn of events, the bill that looked like it was in trouble getting any support in Montana has now passed through both the Montana House and the Montana Senate and is on it’s way to the Governor’s desk.

House Bill 161 was written to completely repeal the entire Montana Medical Marijuana law and make the 30,000 Montana citizens who now use medical marijuana legally into criminals. Just last week, the bill missed a cost estimate deadline and looked like it was all but dead on arrival in the House.

The legislators were instead putting their energy into a strict regulations overhaul bill. But many GOP leaders in the House said they would support nothing less than a full repeal, so the bill with seemingly overwhelming odds to get the required majority vote did pass the Montana House. House.

Montana’s medical marijuana law was passed by a voter initiative with 64 percent of the voters voting for a medical marijuana program back in 2004.


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