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Montana’s Medical Marijuana Law Under Siege

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By Paul Armentano

Montana lawmakers are considering dozens of proposals this session to curtail or repeal the state’s six-year-old medical marijuana law.

Montana NORML, our allies Patients & Families United, and various other local groups have formed a coalition to halt these legislative efforts and to protect patients rights. However, it still remains most important that lawmakers here from you. Please visit Patients and Families United on Facebook here for up-to-date information on pending hearings and votes. NORML will also be updating this page when appropriate. You can also e-mail your members of the state House and Senate urging them not to repeal Montana’s medical cannabis law by entering your zip code below.


NORML is reposting the following legislative alert on behalf of our allies Montana Patients and Families United.

ALERT: First Major Hearings, Friday, January 21

Technically, it is still unofficial, but we are convinced the first major hearings on medical marijuana legislation will take place in the afternoon on Friday, January 21. It will begin at 3 pm in the House Human Services Committee, Room 152 in the capitol building (ground floor).

We urge EVERYONE to attend! We only need a relatively few good people to testify, but the more supporters we have in the room, the better – partly because we are certain that those who want to repeal the marijuana law entirely will show up in large numbers. (The groups that sought to put a repeal measure on the ballot last year already have begun organizing their troops for January 21. It seems clear to us that House leadership is waiting until the rules require public hearing notice to make this official, and are giving the most ardent, extreme opponents of medical marijuana advance notice to assist their planning and organizing.)

We don’t yet know which bills will be heard on January 21, but we expect HB 161, the repeal bill, and HB 68 (the interim health committee’s bill) will be among them.

Watch for our next news/update to give you specifics – which bills will be heard and the where/when information for a pre-hearing meeting we will hold for everyone who comes to Helena. For now, please spread the word and begin making plans: We need as many supporters of medical marijuana as possible, from all over the state, to be in Helena that Friday afternoon!

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Montana’s Medical Marijuana Law Under Siege


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