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Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer Vetoes Medical Marijuana Repeal Bill

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By Paul Armentano

Yesterday, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer — a Democrat — vetoed House Bill 161, a GOP-backed measure to repeal the state’s six-year-old medical marijuana law.

NORML would like to thank its allies, particularly Montana NORML and Patients and Families United for their tireless work on behalf of this issue, as well as all of you who took the time to contact the Governor and urged him to kill this draconian measure.

Unfortunately, Montana’s 28,000+ patients are not out of the woods just yet. In recent weeks, lawmakers have gotten behind a separate effort, Senate Bill 423, to severely restrict existing patients’ access to cannabis. According to a summary of the measure in the Billings Gazette: “The latest version of SB423 seeks to greatly limit the number of people licensed to use medical marijuana, now at 28,300, with backers hoping to bring that number fewer than 2,000. SB423 first would repeal the current law and shut down medical pot growing and dispensing operations on July 1.”

Our allies Patients and Families United have called SB 423, as presently amended, “Repeal in Disguise.” You can learn more about this measure and its up-to-date status on the P&FU Facebook page here or on the Montana NORML Facebook page here. Action alerts regarding this measure are available at the Montana NORML homepage. You can also contact/call your specific individual state lawmakers and urge them to vote ‘no’ on SB 423 via the Montana Government’s ‘Find a Legislator’ page here.

You may also wish to contact the office of Gov. Schweitzer and thank him for his veto decision, and also urge him to continue to stand up for Montana’s patients. E-mail or call the Governor here.

No state has ever repealed or severely restricted their medical marijuana following its implementation. Do not let Montana be the first. Get active; get NORML.


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