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Montana Woman's Alleged False Rape Accusations Land Her in Trouble

Billings, Montana woman Christina Nadine Nelson, 23, is charged with repeatedly fabricating false rape claims from 2009-2012.

The charges were originally filed against Nelson in 2012, but Judge G. Todd Baugh made the puzzling decision to dismiss them. Last week, the Montana Supreme Court overruled Judge Baugh’s decision and ordered a reinstatement of the accusations. Baugh is the same judge who sentenced a teacher to just 30 days in jail because his 14-year-old rape victim appeared “older than her chronological age.”

The charges against Nelson allege that she made two baseless sexual assault reports between 2009 and 2012.

Nelson’s first accusation says she was raped in 2009 on her way to prom. She told police her date cut her with a knife and raped her before the dance. However, an investigation found she suffered no cuts on the night of her prom and she stayed at the dance for the entirety of the event.

One month later, Nelson said she wanted to drop the charges against the boy, but the damage was already done – her alleged rapist had been expelled from school and moved out of the state with his family due to shaming and embarrassment.

In 2012, Nelson claimed she was raped by her ex-boyfriend. She said her ex approached her in the parking lot of her workplace and hit her repeatedly before forcing her into the back of his van and raping her. She allegedly went to the bar to get drinks with a friend following the assault and only told her husband about it after the two had intercourse later that night.

But when detectives reviewed paring lot surveillance footage from that night, they found no evidence to substantiate her claims. Video shows that Nelson walked from her workplace to her car and drove away undisturbed. Detectives also learned that her ex-boyfriend was out of town on the night she claimed he raped her.

Altogether, justices from the Montana Supreme Court ruled that there is enough evidence against Nelson to warrant a reinstatement of the charges.

"Christina had a motive or pattern of accusing young men that she had dated of raping her and assaulting her when no such rape or assault had occurred," prosecutors said in a court document.

It is not known if Nelson is in Montana or if she fled to her home country of Germany after Baugh dropped charges against her in 2012. 

Sources: KTVQ, KRTV


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