Montana Newlywed Jordan Linn Graham Pleads Guilty in Husband’s Murder


The Montana newlywed who was accused of pushing her husband over a cliff has agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder.

Jordan Linn Graham, then 21 years old, had been married to Cody Johnson for only eight days when she pushed him over a cliff at Glacier National Park in July. The incident allegedly began as an argument in which Johnson grabbed her and she told him to “let go.”

Then, Graham admitted to the court, she pushed her husband face-first over the edge of a cliff.

“It was a reckless act,” Graham told a judge. “I just pushed.”

Graham was reportedly having second thoughts about her marriage to Johnson before her husband’s death. She initially lied to police about the incident, claiming that it was an accident resulting from an argument. She also added that she didn’t feel the way she thought she should after a new marriage.

“I wasn’t really happy,” Graham told the judge.

Graham, now 22, is pleading guilty to second-degree murder charges in exchange for waiving a first-degree murder charge and a charge of lying to investigators.

The deal was reportedly announced Thursday after both prosecution and defense had rested their cases. The judge announced new developments when the trial resumed after a courtroom break, reports CBS affiliate WUSA 9. The prosecution then announced that a deal had been made.

CNN adds that the jury was not present in the room when the deal was announced.

According to U.S. District Judge Donald W. Molloy, Graham faces minimum charges of 235 months, or 19-and-a-half years, in prison. However, she could face a life sentence depending on sentencing guidelines.

Graham’s sentence is reportedly scheduled for March 27, 2014.

Sources: CNN, WUSA 9


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