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In A-Million-To-One Odds, Woman Gives Birth To Identical Triplets

A family in Montana is about to have a full house – and that’s an understatement – as they prepare to take home identical triplets to meet their 6-year-old brother.

Jody Kinsey, 30, of Miles City, reportedly delivered identical triplet boys in early December without fertility treatment, the odds of which are a million to one, according to doctors. Her husband, Jase Kinsey, 29, was the only one in their family not shocked by the news, given the fact that his father is a twin, reports the Daily Mail.

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The triplets, whose names are Cade, Ian and Milo, were born early at 32 weeks, which isn’t unusual for mutiple births. Cade, who was born first, is already out of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, according to KULR, and the family expects to return home with all three babies next week.

"You take care of their oxygenation, make sure they're breathing well -- and all three of them did really well, and they just have to work on eating," said Billings Clinic Registered Nurse Tiffany Draayer. "Once they can all eat, and don't have to be tube-fed for their feedings for a few days, then they get to go home."

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Dr. Damon, a maternal fetal medicine physician at the Billings Clinic, said triplet births are often difficult, but that Kinsey’s went smoothly.

“When you see a patient with triplets, you take a deep breath and realize all sorts of complications that can occur,” Damon said. “But when it turns out well in the end, it’s one of the most amazing experiences.”

Sources: Daily Mail, KULR/Photo Credit: Facebook, KULR


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