Bank Robber Uses Taxi as Getaway Car, Tips Driver

A Montana man either has no criminal friends or he doesn't like to share money. Those are the only explanations as to why he used a taxi as a getaway car after a bank heist.

Police say the man, whose name has not been released, robbed a bank in downtown Missoula on Monday. He claimed to have a weapon and demanded cash. He ran out of the bank to a nearby coffee shop and then -- doing what any on-the-run bank robber would do -- called for the cab.

Driver James Anderson said the man was acting strangely when he picked him up. (Not to mention the bricks of unmarked $20 stuffed in his pockets.)

Anderson said he first asked to be taken to the University of Montana campus. He changed his mind and then asked to be taken to a hotel. But first, he needed to stop somewhere to buy cigarettes.

When they got to the hotel, Anderson said the man tipped him $5 on a fare of $7.50. But that is likely his last generous act for a while -- police quickly surrounded the taxi and arrested the man.

If only he hadn't stopped for cigarettes...


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