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Monster Truck Crushes Florida Teen's Car for Some Reason

It is not unusual to see one of those monster trucks crush a car, but not when the car is actually owned by someone who uses it for transportation. But that's what happened over the weekend in Florida, and the driver of the truck now faces charges.

The Daily Mail reports that is seems they were holding the annual "Swamp Cabbage Weekend" at a place called the Redneck Yacht Club (of course), which is nothing but an 800-acre mud park. Some 4,000 people turned out, many in their monster trucks, who apparently like to drive around in the mud. It's been described as a "mini Mardi Gras, with mud."

In any case, at one point a group of spectators gathered around a 1994 Toyota Corolla and urged monster trucks to crush it, saying "the owner doesn't care." After several trucks tried and failed, a truck equipped with five-foot wheels succeeded in flattening the car.

One problem, though -- the 16-year-old owner of the car did indeed care, and she was stunned when she returned to her vehicle to see it crushed.

The truck driver, 40-year-old Norman Nowling, is charged with criminal mischief.

A spokesperson said it is unfortunate, but everyone who dares to enter the classy mud park must sign a liability waiver. There's no word on whether that waiver includes having your car crushed without your consent. 


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