Monster Crocodile Traps Tourist on Remote Australian Island for Two Weeks


A New Zealand tourist was rescued from a remote Australian island after two weeks of being stalked by a 20-foot crocodile.

The tourist, known only as Ryan, was exploring the Western Australia coast in his kayak when he stopped on Governor Island. He realized he didn’t have enough supplies and planned to paddle back to the mainland, about two and half miles away. Approaching the water, he spied a saltwater crocodile 6 meters in length, 19.6 feet long.

Every time Ryan would attempt to leave the island in his 8-foot kayak, the croc would return. He was forced to stay on dry land, which had no fresh water source.

Saturday, Kalumburu resident Don Macleod spotted a light coming from the island and went to find out what it was. Macleod called Ryan a “very, very lucky man.”

“He said he was there for a fortnight and he came to the conclusion very quickly that he couldn’t get off there without attracting this crocodile that lives in that area and probably was watching him all the time,” Macleod told the ABC. “So he was reduced then to trying to conserve his water and signal (for help).”

Macleod was familiar with the giant croc and could attest to its size.

“That crocodile, I’ve seen him several times actually going by quite fast,” he said. “One day he just happened to surface alongside me as I was going past and my boat’s 20-foot long so he was well up towards the 20-foot mark.”

Ryan is recovering from the dehydration.

“I went across and Ryan came out looking a bit distraught,” Macleod said “He came down the beach, he had no hat on and no shirt on. He was relieved and shocked, and thankful someone had come along because he was running out of options pretty quickly. He is a very, very lucky man.”

Saltwater crocodiles can reportedly reach up to seven meters in length, nearly 23 feet. They can weigh more than 2,000 pounds.

Sources: Raw Story, Deccan Chronicle


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