Monster 21-Foot Crocodile Captured Alive in Philippines


A monster crocodile thought to be responsible for killing a fisherman has been captured alive in the Philippines.

The Sun reports that villagers have been hunting for the 21-foot croc for three weeks, and finally on Saturday night they had success. It took 100 people to pull the one-ton crocodile out of a creek and onto a crane, which lifted it onto a truck.

"We were nervous but it's our duty to deal with a threat to the villagers," said Bunawan Mayor Cox Elorde. "When I finally stood before it, I couldn't believe my eyes."

It is believed that the crocodile killed the fisherman who went missing in July.

The newspaper reports it is one of the largest crocodiles to be captured alive in the Philippines. The idea now is to put it in a planned ecotourism park, to turn it "from a threat into an asset" in the words of the mayor.

Here is video of the croc:


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