Monkey Heroically Rescues Electrocuted Friend (Video)


One monkey in India saved his electrocuted friend, which can be seen in video footage of the courageous act.

The monkey was electrocuted after walking on a high-tension wire in Kanpur’s railway station. It fell down onto the tracks and lost consciousness. Luckily, his friend came to the rescue.

The second monkey tried to revive the first by hitting, biting and dunking him in water. After 20 minutes, the monkey began to show signs of life again.

Gawker noted that the monkey in the video, which has been viewed more than 40,000 times, has more humanity than most humans.

Last week, a tortoise in a Taiwan zoo also came to his friend’s rescue, after one tortoise got stuck on his back.

Sources: Gawker, Telegraph / Photo Credit: Travel Blog


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