Monkey Grabs Tourist's Hair As She Attempts To Take A Selfie With Him (Photos)


A woman’s attempt at a selfie with a monkey in Bali didn’t sit well with the monkey, who pulls on the woman’s hair and makes for quite possibly the greatest selfie fail of all time.

User ThatGuy1331 first posted the series of photos on Reddit last week, and the post has already garnered nearly 4,000 shares. In the first photo, a female tourist is seen posing with a monkey, unaware that the monkey is not handling the photo session well. She is all smiles as she stands next to the animal, while the monkey is preparing to make the woman think twice about her choice to take a picture.

The second picture in the series shows the moment the woman realizes that the monkey is pulling her hair, and her reaction is priceless. The woman seems to be trying to swat the monkey’s hand away and she appears to be screaming. The monkey, perched on a statue, looks angry as he appears not to let go of the woman’s hair.

Finally, in the third picture, the monkey is still making a growling face at the woman while she finally separates from him and looks as if she’s seen a ghost.

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Thankfully, the woman was able to get the entire experience captured on camera, and as these things do, the photos have since gone viral.

Sources:Daily Mail, Fox News, Reddit / Photo Source: Daily Mail 


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